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Dolito’s pets talk: Monster

on October 4, 2012

怪物 026

(Below is the translation of Miss Dolito’s blog. “I” stands for Miss Dolito.)

My husband bought a remote monitor from Hong Kong so that we can see if our pets are alright when we’re out.

He assembled it with excitement, and put it on the floor.

The monitor’s moving back and forth caused a stir among the dogs.

怪物 006

怪物 001

Tzai-Tzai the Maltese: What is it? It can move!

Pon-Pon the West Highland White Terrier: It doesn’t have fur!

Nio-Nio the West Highland White Terrier: I’m gonna bite it!

Lala the Labrador Retriever: It doesn’t smell like food. . .

Chocolate the Poodle: I’ll go hiding! It’s a monster!

(Click their names to see their other stories!)

Eventually everyone just hid themselves except Nio-Nio. She kept smelling it and ready to bite.

Nio-Nio loves to bite people. Let’s just say that she’s braver than others.

怪物 019

怪物 018

Oct 03, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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7 responses to “Dolito’s pets talk: Monster

  1. kdkh says:

    Brave Nio-Nio! Why the yellow sock on her paws?

  2. Hahahhaa… so cute!!! I’d love to have that robot thing in the house for my dog too. Very hand… and it is quite entertaining for the dogs haha.

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  4. […] was Pon-Pon the West Highland White Terrier shouting at Lala the Labrador Retriever. Pon-Pon said, “That is too small for you. It’s not for big […]

  5. […] Pon-Pon (the West Highland White Terrier) answered, “I did. I told Nio-Nio ‘If you don’t go on a diet you will become the daughter of that bear!’ She heard the word ‘daughter’ and then she just believed that the bear was her mother.” […]

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