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Miss Li’s Cases: There Are Ups And Downs in Life

In Taiwan, instead of simply praying to God, many people turn to psychics to beg for help from God, and make wishes like what most people do in front of Brahma. They ask for substantial help besides mental peace.

A friend of Miss Li’s told her assistant how bad her situation had been before Miss Li went to Hong Kong earlier this month. Thinking of her friend’s situation made her a bit stressed and sad.

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Miss Li’s Cases: Owe No One

Some of you might not agree with the concept in this post. Others might agree, I don’t know. So for those who don’t feel the same way, please just see it as a little story and there’s no need to argue.

Earlier this month, Miss Li (Dolito) went to Bangkok, Thailand with a bunch of people, as usual. After they prayed to Brahma(Erawan Shrine), they moved to their next stop, “TRIMURTI SHRINE.” Trimurti Shrine is the God of Love, and people come here to pray for true love.

Below is the translation of Miss Li’s blog. I stands for Miss Li.

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Miss Li’s Cases: Orphan

‘Fate’ is really a mystical thing. People always say that fate can be changed. Yes it can, but still it’s there and what’s meant to happen will happen. It’s just that people can make different decisions to make a difference.

Below is the translation of Miss Li’s blog. I stands for Miss Li.

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Miss Li’s Cases: Head Buried In the Sand

In many cases, our Eastern Gods and Goddesses would tell people to recite mantra. I’m not really sure if you can understand the term clearly. To put it simply, reciting mantra refers to the act of repeating the words of God, and it’s said to be a way of praying. Also, people do it to feel peaceful. So reciting mantra is a very common act in Taiwan, in both Buddhism and Taoism.

However, much to my surprise, reciting mantra doesn’t always lead people to a better life. How come? Let’s see the story.

Below is the translation of Miss Li’s blog. I stands for Miss Li.

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pets talk: I Can Be Your Girlfriend


You may not be surprised to see this pet parrot, but how do you feel when you see this:


A pet rooster! This was the first time I saw someone keeping a rooster as a pet. The owner was a bird-lover and he had that parrot named Huang-Lui-Hung (transliteration of 黃綠紅, meaning yellow-green-red). Then His friends gave him this rooster, said they caught it but didn’t know how to do with it. So he kept the rooster and named him Chiu-Chiu-Chi(transliteration of 啾啾雞, Chi means rooster). He took these two to the charitable weekend trip we held and donated to help stray animals.

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Brahma the 4-faced Buddha: Meningitis


You may not be a believer of His, but you sure have heard of Him — Brahma the 4-faced Buddha. Brahma is believed to be originated from India, but the most well-known city when it comes to Brahma is Bangkok in Thailand.

Miss Li (aka Miss Dolito) has been leading about 30 people to take a weekend trip to Thai and to pray to Brahma monthly since 2010. Brahma the 4-faced Buddha is known for His power to fulfill one’s wishes; He speaks through Miss Li to tell the believers where their problems lie in and helps them to solve the problems.

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