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Dolito’s pets talk: Be Quiet

It’s been quite a while since our last post, I hope we’re not forgotten yet. We’ve been very busy lately, especially after the typhoon in August. A lot of animal shelters were damaged and thousands of animals did not have a rooftop to hide from the pouring rain. It was really upsetting but there were also comforting things that, during times like this, we could see how warmhearted people are.

For some reasons Miss Dolito has to stop pet consultation for now, so before she can start it again, we have only stories that are from her family to share. Luckily, there are more than 10 pets in her house so I don’t think it’ll be boring. :p

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Dolito’s pets talk: The Floor Is Too Hard

Recently Miss Dolito’s family has a new member, A-Fu, a stray dog (or I should say “a former stray dog”) who came to their neighborhood and just stayed there because the neighbors would feed him. Miss Dolito then decided to bring him home instead of simply giving him food.

A-Fu is young and energetic. It’s good but sometimes it can get distressing for they have too many animals to take care of and some of the animals are already old.

One morning, Miss Dolito’s assistant Mei almost fainted to see this:


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Dolito’s pets talk: Teddy Bear


Miss Dolito had a guest in her house one day. The lady saw Chocolate the Poodle and complimented him, “So cute! He’s just like a teddy bear!” Read the rest of this entry »


Dolito’s pets talk: b**ch

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since my last update. I went on a vacation to Japan and welcomed the new year there. The way Japanese celebrated New Year was way different from what we did in Taiwan, so I kinda had this feeling that 2014 hasn’t ended yet. In fact, people in Taiwan are still looking for the Chinese New Year in February. And I still have time to think about my new year resolution! 🙂

How do you feel about the first post in 2015 that uses a dirty word as title? Some may consider it inappropriate but this is a funny story I feel like to share. Have I mentioned that the pets in Miss Dolito’s family like to bicker with Miss Dolito’s youngest daughter, Caridee? (Even if not, now you know the background knowledge)


One day, Tzai-Tzai the Maltese had another quarrel with Caridee over some trivial stuff. Read the rest of this entry »


Dolito’s pets talk: Exercise

My co-worker, Mar, whom I once mentioned in this post, has been on a diet recently. He takes Boss the Border Collie, also one of Miss Dolito’s family members,  out to exercise every day.

































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pets talk: It Was Just A Warning

Apa the smooth-haired Dachshund was brought to Miss Dolito. His owner was eager to know what was on his mind because he had caused much trouble.

And when Miss Dolito went close to them, he immediately warned her, “I bite. It’s my nature. Don’t mess with me.”

So we knew what kind of trouble Apa had caused.

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pets talk: How Would I Know

Pidan the Black Toy Poodle sat in his owner’s arms, looking at Miss Dolito. His owner said that he wanted to know if Pidan was happy about his daily lives.

We waited for a short while until Pidan started talking. He said, “I’ve prepared for this for a long time.”

The owner laughed and told us that he told Pidan that he will be talking to Miss Dolito since the day he got the appointment and it was about 2 years ago.

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pets talk: We’re A Team

A girl took her dog, Howdie the Mixed dog by scooter to Miss Dolito’s consultation room. Howdie was medium-size, and wore a friendly smile. We could tell that he was honest and prudent even before he started talking. And we were right.

Howdie’s first words were: “The other four are absent. Why don’t you take them here? We’re a team.”

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Dolito’s pets talk: Is he an orphan?

One of my friends is under postpartum rest and we have promised to help take care of her pet dog during this period. So this cute guy, A-Tsai, is living in our pet hotel for now.

One day, Miss Dolito heard Pon-Pon saying, “A-Tsai is an orphan. His mom abandoned him.”

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pets talk: I Can’t Sleep Well

A lot of people have trouble sleeping nowadays, myself included; but only few know that animals can have this problem as well. We usually consider animals, especially pets, carefree and happy that there’s no reason they would suffer from insomnia. While the fact is, animals do have the same kind of problems, ESPECIALLY pets. Pets are so close to human that they share our daily emotion. When we’re happy, they’re happy; when we’re frustrated, chances are they feel the same way as we do.

Many owners brought their unhappy pets to Miss Dolito trying to figure out why they’re unhappy only to find out that they were the reason that made the pets sad. People who suffered from depressions would have an influence on their pets. So if we want our pets to be happy, remember that we should be happy in the first place.

Xiao-Xiao the Yorkshire terrier also had problem sleeping. Luckily, his situation was not that serious as said below.

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