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pets talk: My Car

MOCHI the Pomeranian is five years old. We met in Singapore.


MOCHI: You take me to the pet salon often. I like taking baths there. I think I look pretty good, thanks to them.

The owner laughed and said she took MOCHI to the salon once per week. She could tell how confident he was of himself.

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pets talk: Miss the Old Time

Today I’m going to share a story which took place four years ago. Well, it feels like last month to me though. I’ll never get used to how fast time passes. When I was a child I thought only old people would feel that time flied, but now I feel that way almost every day. Does that make me old?

Speaking of old people, this cute Pomeranian dog, Jia-Jia, who was 14 when he visited Miss Dolito, was also called an ‘old man’ by his owners. He was brought here by three young girls. So while other pet owners acted like parents who brought their kids with them, these girls was acting like they brought their grandfather.


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pets talk: You Killed My Dream


Yuan-Chi the White Pomeranian (I personally think he looks more like a Japanese Spitz though, his owners say he’s a White Pomeranian) is a very handsome and confident boy.

He stayed in his mom’s arms and said, “I’m handsome! You say that every day.”

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pets talk: She’s Swaggering


The cute Pomeranian couple, Han-Ji (transliteration of 番薯 in Taiwanese, meaning ‘Sweet Potato’) and Mochi came to talk. They seem to have marriage problems.

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pets talk: You Can Marry My Mom


Ang-Ang(transliteration of ㄤㄤ, sounding like “on on”) is a white Pomeranian, eight years old. Ang-Ang has this incredibly shiny smile that brings a little sunshine into this house.

Ang-Ang tells her Mom, “Your backbone aches, so my backbone aches, too.”

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