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Dolito’s pets talk: Is he an orphan?

One of my friends is under postpartum rest and we have promised to help take care of her pet dog during this period. So this cute guy, A-Tsai, is living in our pet hotel for now.

One day, Miss Dolito heard Pon-Pon saying, “A-Tsai is an orphan. His mom abandoned him.”

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pets talk: Then Don’t Listen

There are a lot of things going on in Taiwan just like many other countries. I really hope this can end more peacefully. God bless Taiwan.

The story I’m going to share today is very short and I’m not sure if I have shared similar stories before. We started the blog (in Mandarin) a few years ago and with more stories shared, pet owners know more about how to get their pets talk. So it’s actually pretty rare to us that the owners who bring their pets to Miss Dolito still don’t believe their pets can talk.

But this, the story I’m about to share, belongs to this kind.

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pets talk: I Take His Place


We feel heavyhearted whenever getting calls from people asking for bringing their pet consultation forward because their pets are severely sick. We all know this time will come. But when it does, it’s just hard to accept.

Didi the Golden Retriever was brought to Miss Dolito by his mom and sisters. He hadn’t been in good condition. Didi said to them, “Dad isn’t around. So I take his place. I look after you.”

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pets talk: I Feel Lonely


Dou-Dou(transliteration of 豆豆) the golden retriever is six years old now.

He sat between his owners and Miss Dolito quietly, smiling. He said, “I’d like you to have one more dog. It’s quiet at home and I feel lonely. I like noises.”

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pets talk: My Wife


TienTien(transliteration of 天天) the cute golden retriever has got a special toy from his owner. When Miss Dolito saw him with this toy in his mouth in the pet hotel, she felt interested and said, “What a cute toy you’ve got, TienTien!”

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pets talk: I Won’t Grow

你拍攝的 2009073110.JPG。

The system of our Chinese blog has a function called ‘random articles;’ it shows some links to our older posts for readers who might just miss them or want to read them again. So here comes this one cause I think I gotta share something that’s not only dogs and cats.

We were holding a charitable event that day, and there was a swimming pool for pets. Mochi (transliteration of 麻糬) the miniature pet pig wasn’t willing to go into the water at first; he even screamed when his owners took him into the pool, which made many people laugh. He was just adorable.

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pets talk: Birds of A Feather Flock Together



I’ve been in love with a rock band lately, and my dogs are all forced to hear my terrible singing all the time. Haha! But I’m pretty sure they don’t mind if I feed them well. Today I want to share another story of our charitable weekend trip. This might be the last time we hold this activity because later Miss Dolito’s schedule will become tighter and tighter. (She has to work to support her own family after all.)

Honey the golden retriever is adopted. The moment we step in their cabin she runs toward us to show hospitality. She wears a very cute red collar with a big bow on it, playing with her favorite little ball, and she’s so thrilled she can’t stop running around.

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pets talk: Post It


Luka is a Golden Retriever, 11 years old. He ran toward Miss Dolito on the sight of her, showing great passion and friendliness. Let’s see what he said!

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pets talk: I Can’t Talk


Lucky (Golden Retriever) was approximately 7 years old when this photo was taken. A young lady brought her to Miss Dolito; she had waited for 3 years to come here and listen to Lucky’s words. She drove Lucky there, and Lucky lay on the floor looking tired.

Lucky: I feel uncomfortable after the ride. I feel uncomfortable now. (after a while) I haven’t had lunch yet. I don’t have strength; I’m hungry. Therefore, I can’t talk!

Miss Dolito: Well, you’ve talked enough, considering. (We laughed.)

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