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Praying for Our City Residents

Some of you might have heard about there were explosions in Kaohsiung, the biggest city in southern Taiwan just few days ago. It happened in the city I live; the streets I used to know were torn apart. I can’t even say “Thank God it happened in midnight” because more than 20 lives were taken and there are a lot of people missing. The office of our association and Miss Dolito’s pet hotel are not far from where the explosions took place. We were lucky enough to be safe, while a lot of people weren’t that lucky. Now I can only keep my fingers crossed and pray that there will be no more deaths and the missing people can be safe and return to their family. May God bless them.


Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Animal Shelter

In March 29, 2014, Tien-Yuan Life Care Association held the groundbreaking ceremony for our future animal shelter in Taichung, Taiwan. We have been raising funds for building an animal shelter for half a decade, and with many helps we finally accomplish the first step of our plan. We want to say THANK YOU with all our hearts to those kindest people who have helped and supported us. Thank you!













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Goodbye, Mow-Mow

Mow-Mow, a.k.a. the first dog that talked to Miss Dolito, passed away this morning.

He’s been weak for a while. Miss Dolito’s daughter said he started to have epileptic seizures since Saturday midnight. Now he looks just like he had fallen asleep. Fortunately it didn’t take too long for him to suffer.

Be at peace, Mow-Mow. We’ll always remember you and love you.