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Dolito’s pets talk: First Aid

This is Pon-Pon the west highland white terrier before he got a trim. (It’s very hot in Taiwan right now.) And actually he is also the dog in our profile photo.

Miss Dolito seldom lies down in front of the dogs. But one day she was really sick and had to lie on the sofa to relax. And this is what happened next.

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pets talk: I Won’t Grow

你拍攝的 2009073110.JPG。

The system of our Chinese blog has a function called ‘random articles;’ it shows some links to our older posts for readers who might just miss them or want to read them again. So here comes this one cause I think I gotta share something that’s not only dogs and cats.

We were holding a charitable event that day, and there was a swimming pool for pets. Mochi (transliteration of 麻糬) the miniature pet pig wasn’t willing to go into the water at first; he even screamed when his owners took him into the pool, which made many people laugh. He was just adorable.

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