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Her ability is a gift to all people and animals

pets talk: Get Me Out of Here

Ani the American Shorthair kept meowing when taken to Miss Dolito. She might talk a lot, we supposed.

Well, we were wrong.

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pets talk: I Love Dad More

BOBO the American Short Hair cat sat in the carriage elegantly, looking at us.

He hesitated for a while before he told Miss Dolito, “She often yells at me. I’m scared.” That was referring to his mom, who brought him to us that day.

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pets talk: I Have A Question

Katsu (transliteration of 卡滋) the American Shorthair was four when he was taken to Miss Dolito. He was staying in the arms of his mom quietly, showing no signs of nervousness or uneasiness.

Katsu said, “We rarely have guests. So I’m a little shy.” His mom nodded, showing agreement.

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pets talk: They’re Here For Me


Though most people believe that cats and dogs are like oil and water, many families still have cats and dogs at the same time. We’ve seen many cases in which cats and dogs get along surprisingly well. But what I’m going to share today is definitely not one of them.

DuoDuo (transliteration of 多多) the Maltese was very energetic and always wearing a big smile. While Mochi the Persian-American Shorthair mix cat stayed in his carrier quietly; he didn’t seem as happy as DuoDuo was.

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pets talk: See You Next Time


How do you feel about people who seldom go out and have less social life? Quiet? Freak? Some of them may surprise you, and it is the same in the animals’ world. Cani (transliteration of 卡妮), an American Shorthair, seldom went out. Even her Sisters and Mom(owners) were afraid that she’d be a little cocooned. But she did surprise us all.

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