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pets talk: Have Another Dog

When I get sick or down, I always feel better after hugging my dogs. They’d look a bit confused because they know I’m not in my usual mood but they don’t know why. Still, once they find that I’m unhappy they’d try very hard to cheer me up. I’m really glad I have them as family members. 🙂

Today I want to share a story where the pet really put his owner first. This dog was named Hua-Luen, an obviously aged Shih-Tzu. His first words to the owner was: “I’m old. So are you.” The owner smiled. No woman would like to be said old, but it was fact.

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pets talk: I’ll Try

We’ve seen many pets comforting their owners who just broke up with boyfriend/girlfriend. But are pets always on their owners’ side? The story I’m about to share may give you the answer.

A man brought his pet to Miss Dolito, a cute Maltese and Shih-tzu mix dog named Tudo. Tudo was not only cute, he also looked very smart.

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pets talk: Like Owner, Like Pet

Jan-Chan the mixed-breed dog was two years old when he was taken to see Miss Dolito. He was a Shih Tzu/Schnauzer mix. Once they came to sit in front of us, Jan-Chen lied down, his butt facing us.

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Dolito’s pets talk: Monster

怪物 026

(Below is the translation of Miss Dolito’s blog. “I” stands for Miss Dolito.)

My husband bought a remote monitor from Hong Kong so that we can see if our pets are alright when we’re out.

He assembled it with excitement, and put it on the floor.

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pets talk: I’m Not Sick

The weather has been very changeable lately, and I think I’ve caught a cold or something. My sister came home yesterday and told me I should have the dogs trimmed. They look like 7 furry balls. But the weather just keeps stopping me from doing that. And those “furry balls” look kinda cute to me anyway.

Mickey the shih-tzu is already 20 years old. Mickey’s sister put him carefully in front of Miss Dolito. He’s weak, but he says to the sister, “I’m just old. I’m not sick; I don’t feel uncomfortable.”

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pets talk: I Won’t Blame You


When I first saw Dou-Dou-Lon (transliteration of 豆豆龍) the Shih Tzu, she was just 4 years old, and yet she was quiet, well-behaved and a little shy. I couldn’t stop complimenting Dou-Dou-Lon; her Mom(owner) just smiled, didn’t say much. Not until Dou-Dou-Lon started to talk that I knew about her advanced cancer.

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pets talk: Promise Me

A fantastic weekend trip with our favorite pets is definitely one of the best things to keep in memories, especially when you’ll have the chance to hear what’s on your pets’ mind. Three years ago, when we posted the information about Miss Dolito and pet consultation on the internet, tens of thousands of people and pets were enrolled in one afternoon. Now the waiting list ends in the year 2026. We can’t enroll anyone because few pets can live till then. That’s one of the reason why we’re holding charitable activities monthly now; so that those who didn’t get enrolled in time can still have the chance to hear what their pets want to say.

Bao-Zi (transliteration of 包子) is a very smart Shih Tzu, who impressed us much. Why did I say that? Keep reading and you’ll know. (And I’m trying a different way of story-telling, hope you like it!)

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pets talk: I’m Not Dead Yet

DODO was a Shih Tzu, around 13 years old when these photos were taken. A teenager saw him stray on the street, and took him to friends, who were DODO’s present owner. DODO was affectionate and well liked by all the people around. But somehow DODO had some complaints to make about his owners; he finally got the chance to spit it all out.

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