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Miss Li’s Cases: There Are Ups And Downs in Life

In Taiwan, instead of simply praying to God, many people turn to psychics to beg for help from God, and make wishes like what most people do in front of Brahma. They ask for substantial help besides mental peace.

A friend of Miss Li’s told her assistant how bad her situation had been before Miss Li went to Hong Kong earlier this month. Thinking of her friend’s situation made her a bit stressed and sad.

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Miss Li’s Cases: Always Be Grateful

(Below is the translation of Miss Li’s blog. I stands for Miss Li.)

I learned a lesson back when we went to Thailand in September. I was helping a young girl to communicate with Brahma, and I was deeply touched by the words of God(s).

This girl was a good girl; she’s sweet. But she kept changing jobs. She couldn’t find a job that can make her happy, so she was complaining.

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