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pets talk: That’s All I want


Cola the corgi was taken to Miss Dolito by his owner. Cola’s owner is a friend of Hadou‘s owner; they came together that night.

Cola said to his owner, “I expect you to be a boss.” The owner was surprised that Cola knew about her plan to open her own shop.

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pets talk: Do You Have Apples?


People used to think the most popular pet dogs would be Retrievers, Malteses and so on. But I feel recently there’s a new trend, which I call ‘the rise of Corgis.’ There are so many funny pictures, video clips about Corgis, and each of them is super heart-melting cute! (I even think about raising one when my present pets are all gone… in the future, of course.)

Today I’m gonna share the story of Zero the Corgi, a very cute and lively boy. The moment when Miss Dolito and I stepped into their cabin, Zero rushed toward us passionately. Before his Parents finished filling in their info, Zero stared to talk. “I eat a lot.” said Zero. He said he never knew how it felt like to be stuffed. And then he continued, “Do you have apples? I love apples!”

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