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pets talk: Why Did He Run Away?

Tiny the Chihuahua, 9 years old, was brought here by his family. He looked very nervous and didn’t dare to get closer to Miss Dolito. Maybe he thought she’s a vet and was therefore confused why they took him here.


The owners spent some time comforting and explaining to him that Miss Dolito was NOT a vet and that they brought him here to hear him speak.

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pets talk: I Want to Visit Him

I’m not sure about other countries, but in Taiwan, the weather changes drastically recently and a lot of people get sick as a result. There are even old people dying because of the changeable weather. I just want to say take care to every one that’s reading this now because I believe this change wouldn’t just happen in a small island. So, everybody takes care.

A lady brought A-Fu the Chihuahua here with a beautiful pet carrier. A-Fu was shaking a little, so she just let him stay in the carrier and talk.

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pets talk: Live Our Own Life

Lots of my friends talk about their relationship, asking for advice, but only few of them will listen. I always think it’s weird that some people choose not to break up even if there’s a third party or violence involved. But, indeed, love can be one of the hardest thing to understand or to explain. The story I’m gonna share today can be seen as an example, I think. Not that I love to talk about broken relationship of others, but I like how the pet comforts the owner because that ‘s exactly what I’d say to my friends.

Babe the Chihuahua, wore a sad face when she was brought to visit Miss Dolito. And it was clearly not just her problem because the owner’s face looked even sadder.

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pets talk: Wake You Up


Many people think our pets are just ‘animals’ that can’t understand humans’ speech. Well, don’t forget that humans are animals, too. Just like humans, pets can be very smart as well. Just take a look at Kazuki the Chihuahua, doesn’t he look clever?

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pets talk: I Don’t Care About You



Nio-Nio and Yo-Yo are two cute Chihuahuas. They had already been to Miss Dolito once before this conversation happened.

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pets talk: You’re Lucky


When pet owners bring their pets to Miss Dolito, we would ask them to fill in a form first, such as the pet’s name, breed, and date of birth. Many owners can’t remember in which year their pet was born and it’s actually okay because we only want to know their approximate age.

The owner(mom) of Money the Chihuahua was very cute when she was filling in the profile during the charitable weekend trip. She told us she couldn’t remember the year and when I asked her how old Money was, she screamed all of a sudden, “He’s Pig!”

I looked at her confusedly. She smiled and said, “I remember that he was born in the year of Pig!” (so Money should be about four years old when this conversation took place) And then she wrote down “PIG” on the profile. We both laughed.

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pets talk: I’ll Miss You


Coffee the Chihuahua was here with his sister. She made this appointment a few years ago and this day finally came.

Coffee said, “Your parents take care of me when you go abroad.” The sister nodded and confirmed that.

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pets talk: Avenge Me!


Xiao-Kai (transliteration of 小開) the Chihuahua was adopted by his mother. He looked a little depressed when brought to Miss Dolito; no one knew why he was so upset.

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pets talk: Don’t Make Me Laugh

For the purpose to help stray animals, we hold charitable activities monthly, in which pet owners donate money to help the homeless animals, and spend a weekend playing with their pets; the point is we invite Miss Dolito to interpret their pets’ words as feedback. Before sharing this case, I got to introduce the pets like this or it’s gonna be a little confusing:


Honey(transliteration of  哈尼): Maltese



NiuNiu(transliteration of  妞妞): Maltese bitch, Honey’s wife. NiuNiu’s Dad(owner) is the boyfriend of Honey’s Mom(owner).



Onlai(transliteration of 旺來): Chihuahua bitch, the pet of NiuNiu’s Grandma (Of course Onlai calls her Mom.)


Alright, then I’ll start sharing their talk! 🙂

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pets talk: I’ll Be Damned


Kitty is a Chihuahua, around 3 or 4 years old, a very cute girl. Her owner took her to Dolito by motorbike. Once Kitty started to talk, she said, “We come from afar; we rode for a long while.” The owner nodded; they came from Pingtung to Kaohsiung, about 1 hour ride, long enough for people who live in Taiwan, especially when she’s riding a motorbike instead of driving a car. Kitty told us this information for a reason. “We came all the way from Pingtung… I’ll be damned if I don’t talk!” Kitty said.

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