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Dolito’s pets talk: It’s Embarrassing!

Miss Dolito and Miss Hong was taking a walk with the dogs. Suddenly they couldn’t find Tzai-Tzai, the Maltese.

Miss Hong was so nervous she cried out, “Tzai-Tzai! Tzai-Tzai! Where are you?” But they still couldn’t see him around.

So Miss Hong raised her voice, which was loud enough the first time, “Tzai-Tzai! Can you hear me?”

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Dolito’s pets talk: Look Like A Stray Dog

Recently everyone’s busy preparing for the Chinese New Year, so is Miss Dolito’s family. As a result the dogs haven’t taken a shower for a few days.


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pets talk: Get Him a Wig

Alpha the Maltese walked after his owner into the consultation room. The way he walked was just adorable.

He said, “The other owner isn’t here.” We looked at the lady, who introduced herself as Alpha’s mom. Read the rest of this entry »

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pets talk: You Changed

ChuChu the Chow Chow was 16 and could barely walk by his own. His owners brought him and Yumi the Maltese to Miss Dolito.


However, ChuChu said to the mother, “I don’t know you. You’re not my owner.

The family was kinda shocked. Then Miss Dolito told them that ChuChu was angry. Read the rest of this entry »


Dolito’s pets talk: It’s Warm

Two days before the Chinese New Year an earthquake hit the southern Taiwan; 4 buildings collapsed and 1 leaned on the lower building next to it. The last one was not far from my grandmother’s house and I got the chance to see it at a close-enough distance. I felt sorry for those whose home was severely damaged, those who are still waiting for the chance to live, and those who will never have that chance. But still, I’m glad that my family’s safe. The weather has been changeable since January and it’s hard for both the victims and the rescue teams to hold on, but they did. And sometimes good news came out. A few days ago there ws a Shiba-Inu found under the debris, who hadn’t eat for about a week, and he could finally reunion with his owners. I was so happy to see the news. And I’ll keep praying for the other victims.

So, like I said, the weather has been changeable, and I hate it because I can’t trim my dogs yet. When it gets hot they feel uncomfortable but once they get rid their fur, it might just get cold again. Miss Dolito took these photos when it got cold:


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Dolito’s pets talk: Cheesecake

Miss Dolito was preparing the breakfast for her family while Tzai-Tzai the Maltese kept jumping in order to get her attention.

Miss Dolito: What are you doing?

Tzai-Tzai: Mommy! I want to sit on the chair! I need your hands.

Miss Dolito: What are you going to do on the chair? You won’t like our breakfast; it’s all vegetable and fruits.

Tzai-Tzai: I’m waiting for Daddy’s cheesecake!


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Dolito’s pets talk: b**ch

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since my last update. I went on a vacation to Japan and welcomed the new year there. The way Japanese celebrated New Year was way different from what we did in Taiwan, so I kinda had this feeling that 2014 hasn’t ended yet. In fact, people in Taiwan are still looking for the Chinese New Year in February. And I still have time to think about my new year resolution! 🙂

How do you feel about the first post in 2015 that uses a dirty word as title? Some may consider it inappropriate but this is a funny story I feel like to share. Have I mentioned that the pets in Miss Dolito’s family like to bicker with Miss Dolito’s youngest daughter, Caridee? (Even if not, now you know the background knowledge)


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Dolito’s pets talk: Is he an orphan?

One of my friends is under postpartum rest and we have promised to help take care of her pet dog during this period. So this cute guy, A-Tsai, is living in our pet hotel for now.

One day, Miss Dolito heard Pon-Pon saying, “A-Tsai is an orphan. His mom abandoned him.”

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pets talk: Get Dressed Up

Xiao-B the Maltese was taken to Miss Dolito by a pretty girl. She had a boyish name but was just as pretty as her owner. When they first got here, she refused to leave her owner’s arms. So the owner held her throughout the conversation.

We waited for Xiao-B to start. She looked quite shy; we thought it was going to take a while, but then she just began to talk.

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Dolito’s pets talk: Warm

It’s rare that clothes can’t make it warm enough for pets in Taiwan. Most readers of this blog may not call the weather now in this small island ‘cold’ cause it’s still higher than 10 degrees, but we’re more used to temperatures like, 23 degrees. So it is very cold for us, and for our pets.

Still, I’m so ready for the coming Lunar New Year! Before I leave my computer for celebrating with my family and relatives, I want to share the photos of Miss Dolito’s pets. And see what dogs like to do when it’s cold. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »