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pets talk: I Was Jealous

I found that it’s been a long while since the last time I wrote about our charitable trip. In fact, for a lot of reasons we haven’t held this activity since 4 years ago. I miss those days though.



Shua-Shua the grey-headed parakeet died just before her owners came to attend our weekend trip. The owners brought the other pet, Cha-Cha the black-headed Caque, here but still wanted to take a chance. They showed Miss Dolito the photo of Shua-Shua, hoping to have the chance to hear her talk. Read the rest of this entry »

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Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Animal Shelter

In March 29, 2014, Tien-Yuan Life Care Association held the groundbreaking ceremony for our future animal shelter in Taichung, Taiwan. We have been raising funds for building an animal shelter for half a decade, and with many helps we finally accomplish the first step of our plan. We want to say THANK YOU with all our hearts to those kindest people who have helped and supported us. Thank you!













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Miss Li’s Cases: There Are Ups And Downs in Life

In Taiwan, instead of simply praying to God, many people turn to psychics to beg for help from God, and make wishes like what most people do in front of Brahma. They ask for substantial help besides mental peace.

A friend of Miss Li’s told her assistant how bad her situation had been before Miss Li went to Hong Kong earlier this month. Thinking of her friend’s situation made her a bit stressed and sad.

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pets talk: They Look Good


It’s another impressing story from our charitable weekend trip with pets. This handsome mixed-breed dog is named Xiao-Pong. Two sisters took him to the weekend trip in order to know what was on his mind. He was at least 12 at that time, and he didn’t get distracted by the sound from outside their cabin; it didn’t take him long before he started to talk.

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pets talk: You’re Lucky


When pet owners bring their pets to Miss Dolito, we would ask them to fill in a form first, such as the pet’s name, breed, and date of birth. Many owners can’t remember in which year their pet was born and it’s actually okay because we only want to know their approximate age.

The owner(mom) of Money the Chihuahua was very cute when she was filling in the profile during the charitable weekend trip. She told us she couldn’t remember the year and when I asked her how old Money was, she screamed all of a sudden, “He’s Pig!”

I looked at her confusedly. She smiled and said, “I remember that he was born in the year of Pig!” (so Money should be about four years old when this conversation took place) And then she wrote down “PIG” on the profile. We both laughed.

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Miss Li’s Cases: Orphan

‘Fate’ is really a mystical thing. People always say that fate can be changed. Yes it can, but still it’s there and what’s meant to happen will happen. It’s just that people can make different decisions to make a difference.

Below is the translation of Miss Li’s blog. I stands for Miss Li.

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pets talk: Poor Me!


Mico the Poodle was a handsome little guy. His owner(mother) wanted to know what he was thinking so bad that she donated to help stray animals and got a chance to visit Miss Dolito without having to wait for thirteen years.

Mico asked his mother, “I’ve got a girlfriend. I like her. Why don’t you take her here with me?” There was a new member in their family. But the owner said she was more curious about Mico.

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pets talk: Old Songs


Merry Christmas friends! How do you enjoy your holidays do far? Too bad we didn’t have today off in Taiwan, but people here sure have a lot of  Christmas spirit!

Xiao-Lü the Red-Bellied Cooter was five. Her owner took her to the charitable weekend trip held by Tien Yuan Life Care Association earlier this year. She crawled on the bed like she was curious about this cabin till the owner held her still. The owner couldn’t wait to hear her speak.

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pets talk: Stop!


We still get lots of calls and e-mails from people who want to make an appointment with Miss Dolito, to see what their pets have to say to them. Unfortunately free pet consultation has a waiting list that ends in 2026 (so far) and most pets can’t wait that long. So Tien-Yuan Life Care Association makes an agreement with Miss Dolito that she will make some time for those who donate to help stray animals.

Wa-Wa the Schnauzer’s owner was one of those people. She couldn’t wait to know what was on her mind. And donating to help those homeless animals was also good for her. It was like killing two birds with one stone, except that no one’s gonna kill any bird.

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pets talk: He’s Watching Over You


When an owner takes more than one pet to Miss Dolito, chances are that only one of them will talk. That pet is the ‘boss’ among all the pets and others will just watch and listen to him/her.

Last year a family took their lovely cats to our charitable weekend trip. Three cats. But only one of them talked. Won-Lien was the oldest cat in their family; she refused to go out of her carrier so we all crouched on the floor to keep an eye contact with her.

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