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pets talk: You Lied

on October 8, 2012


A bunch of girls took Sori the Shiba Inu to Miss Dolito.

Sori started with “I don’t like wordy people.” Maybe she was referring to some of her family. Then she said to the girls, except for her owner, “You’re not her family. You lied.”

When Miss Dolito saw so many people taking one dog to her, she asked about the relation between the owner and the others. They said they’re family. But oops! Busted! They’re just friends.

“You’re just going along for the ride.” said Sori.

Everyone laughed so hard and kept nodding.


Sori said, “None of you is married or has a boyfriend. You’re such losers.”

She kept going, “I care about how I look. I don’t overeat.”

We found that many Shiba Inus care about their look, and like to take photos. Maybe it’s running in the breed.

Suddenly Sori said to one of the girls, “You’re not gonna lose weights.” Well, maybe the girl just needed to follow the example of Sori.


Before they went home, Sori said, “You’re not young anymore. You’re over 30. I’m worried about you.”

The ‘girls’ laughed again. Don’t worry, Sori! They’ll meet somebody when the time is right!

Sept 12, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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