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pets talk: I Was Jealous

I found that it’s been a long while since the last time I wrote about our charitable trip. In fact, for a lot of reasons we haven’t held this activity since 4 years ago. I miss those days though.



Shua-Shua the grey-headed parakeet died just before her owners came to attend our weekend trip. The owners brought the other pet, Cha-Cha the black-headed Caque, here but still wanted to take a chance. They showed Miss Dolito the photo of Shua-Shua, hoping to have the chance to hear her talk. Read the rest of this entry »

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pets talk: Better Than You

A family brought 3 lovely dogs to Miss Dolito. Two of them were Schnauzers, DoDo and Golden; the other one was a Bichon Frise named Q-chan.

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Dolito’s pets talk: Too Hungry


One day Miss Dolito found that Lala the Labrador Retriever seemed to lack energy. Out of concern, she asked Lala if he was okay. Read the rest of this entry »

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pets talk: Why Did He Run Away?

Tiny the Chihuahua, 9 years old, was brought here by his family. He looked very nervous and didn’t dare to get closer to Miss Dolito. Maybe he thought she’s a vet and was therefore confused why they took him here.


The owners spent some time comforting and explaining to him that Miss Dolito was NOT a vet and that they brought him here to hear him speak.

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pets talk: Better This Way

Coco the Chocolate Poodle was brought to Miss Dolito a few days ago.


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Dolito’s pets talk: Get Dressed and Ready for Dinner


One day when Miss Dolito went back from work, she saw Chocolate waiting for his dinner in the living room. Chocolate welcomed her back, and then asked her a question.

“Grandma, why do I have to get dressed first before dinner?” asked Chocolate.

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pets talk: He’s Ugly

Happy 2016! We wish every person and animal a great year.

ChoCho the Poodle obviously didn’t know that he was taken here to speak. He thought Miss Dolito was a vet. So his first words was: “I don’t need to see a vet.” It’s common. Many pet owners forgot to tell their little family member who Miss Dolito is and what she’s capable of.

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Dolito’s pets talk: Be Quiet

It’s been quite a while since our last post, I hope we’re not forgotten yet. We’ve been very busy lately, especially after the typhoon in August. A lot of animal shelters were damaged and thousands of animals did not have a rooftop to hide from the pouring rain. It was really upsetting but there were also comforting things that, during times like this, we could see how warmhearted people are.

For some reasons Miss Dolito has to stop pet consultation for now, so before she can start it again, we have only stories that are from her family to share. Luckily, there are more than 10 pets in her house so I don’t think it’ll be boring. :p

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Dolito’s pets talk: The Floor Is Too Hard

Recently Miss Dolito’s family has a new member, A-Fu, a stray dog (or I should say “a former stray dog”) who came to their neighborhood and just stayed there because the neighbors would feed him. Miss Dolito then decided to bring him home instead of simply giving him food.

A-Fu is young and energetic. It’s good but sometimes it can get distressing for they have too many animals to take care of and some of the animals are already old.

One morning, Miss Dolito’s assistant Mei almost fainted to see this:


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Dolito’s pets talk: Teddy Bear


Miss Dolito had a guest in her house one day. The lady saw Chocolate the Poodle and complimented him, “So cute! He’s just like a teddy bear!” Read the rest of this entry »