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pets talk: You’re Forgiven

Mita the Dachshund was brought to Miss Dolito.

She said, “I’m abandoned.

We looked at the owner, wondering what happened. But the owner looked even more confused than us. Read the rest of this entry »

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pets talk: It Was Just A Warning

Apa the smooth-haired Dachshund was brought to Miss Dolito. His owner was eager to know what was on his mind because he had caused much trouble.

And when Miss Dolito went close to them, he immediately warned her, “I bite. It’s my nature. Don’t mess with me.”

So we knew what kind of trouble Apa had caused.

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pets talk: Mouthy & Nosy

I remember being nervous when I started to write this blog in English because there are a lot of words that can’t be perfectly matched in two different languages. I still have to google a lot when I’m posting here, but it’s also interesting. Anyway, what I want to say is that if you have difficulty understanding what I mean, please leave a comment to ask me, I’ll try to explain it! And if you understand but think I choose the wrong words/phrases you can also leave a comment to tell me that. I’ll be appreciative! 😀

Today’s story is about a smooth-haired Dachshund named Lyly. Her family prefer not to have their photos posted online. Lyly is 13 years old now, still full of energy and looks healthy. Her mom saw Miss Dolito holding Lyly in her arms, she said nervously, “Lyly bites! Be careful!” But then Miss Dolito smiled because Lyly told her, “I bite only when people grab me suddenly. If you come close slowly and hold me gently, I won’t bite.”

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pets talk: I Want Her Dead


A family took a poodle and a dachshund to Miss Dolito. Teddy the poodle was the main reason they were there; they made the appointment for him few years ago. While Lulu the dachshund was a comparatively new member of this family.

As soon as Teddy started to talk, he said, “You were planning to have a poodle girl. But instead, you brought this(meaning Lulu) home.”

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pets talk: Dead Bear

Since Miss Dolito dedicates herself to helping stray animals, many people may be curious about what she does for a living. Actually Miss Dolito made (the ground floor and second floor of) her home a pet hotel. And sometimes she also shares with us the conversations of those pets. It’s very interesting; we’ll feel like watching a pet version of the Pixar animation movie Toy Story.

This conversation was between a poodle and a black dachshund. The owner of the poodle brought a bear plushie for her puppy to play with. But the black dachshund might not have seen this kind of thing before, so he asked, “What is that right next to you?”

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