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pets talk: Hire A Real Maid

on October 2, 2012


YOYO the poodle was taken to Miss Dolito last month. She started with a cute self introduction, “I’m a girl.” Then she said, “We live in a big house. We’re rich. The house is splendid.” We shushed her and said, jokingly of course, “You don’t want bad guys to hear this!”

YOYO said to her grandma, “You’re the maid. You take care of all the housework.” The owners nodded with smile on their faces. YOYO then said, “You could have hired a real maid.”

YOYO didn’t want Grandma to be tired. She’s really a sweetheart.


She turned to the man and said, “You’re my grandpa. You’re a boss and you’re cool. I like to go out with Grandpa; he loves me. But when Grandpa is drinking, I would run away from him to protect myself.”

YOYO’s grandpa was happy being complimented, but became speechless when YOYO talked about his drunken behaviors.

YOYO was worried and said to him, “You should beware of high blood pressure and heart disease. Can you quit drinking, Grandpa?”

The grandpa nodded. It was for his own good.

YOYO then said to her mom, “Mom isn’t living with us. I miss you. You just left me to Grandpa and Grandma.” She had her own reason. But she was also afraid that YOYO would be mad at her. However, YOYO said, “I’m not mad at you.”

She smiled. YOYO was a sweet girl. YOYO said, “You broke up with your boyfriend. Don’t be sad. You’ll have a new one anytime you want. You’re beautiful.”


YOYO turned to Grandma again and said, “Grandma, be patient. I’ll be there for you. Always.” Sometimes it was hard to handle so many things in life, but with a loyal little friend, hopefully YOYO’s grandma could make it through.

“I always hide in the same place.” YOYO said suddenly, “Whenever Grandpa starts to drink, I go hiding there, and I don’t get out until it’s over.” Grandma kept nodding.

YOYO said, “Mom, Grandma, you can also find a place to hide. Go hiding when Grandpa is drinking, then you’ll be fine!”

Everyone laughed. Smart girl!

YOYO said, “I’m smart and pretty. Thank you for taking care of me. Mom, thank you for bringing me home. I’m very happy.”

Finally, she repeated, “Hire a real maid!”

Sept 09, 2012

Click here to see this story in Chinese. :)

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