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Dolito’s pets talk: It’s Embarrassing!

Miss Dolito and Miss Hong was taking a walk with the dogs. Suddenly they couldn’t find Tzai-Tzai, the Maltese.

Miss Hong was so nervous she cried out, “Tzai-Tzai! Tzai-Tzai! Where are you?” But they still couldn’t see him around.

So Miss Hong raised her voice, which was loud enough the first time, “Tzai-Tzai! Can you hear me?”

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Dolito’s pets talk: I’m Dying


One day Miss dolito saw Chocolate the poodle lying on the ground, looking slouching. She asked him if something happened. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dolito’s pets talk: Dinner

One night, when Miss Dolito came home from work, she saw BOSS the Border Collie pushed the door with his head and went out.

She thought he was welcoming her back, and she felt warm. However, BOSS asked, “Has Miss Hong come yet?”


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Dolito’s pets talk: Stop Chatting!

We talked about La-la the cat last time and let’s talk about La-la the Labrador Retriever now. One day, Miss Dolito came home when her assistant Tsai was preparing the dogs’ dinner. She had something to discuss with Tsai, and they spent some time talking. That’s when they saw La-la went outside looking at them, saying slowly, “Mommy~, stop~tal~king~


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Dolito’s pets talk: Help!

We have shared the stories of the cats in Miss Dolito’s family: Max, Don-Don and Teddy. All of them are Renee’s pets. Today we’re introducing another one: La-la, who was brought back by Caridee, Miss Dolito’s youngest daughter. Yes, he has the same name as the Labrador in their family, and he’s also a BIG boy, just like the other La-la. Caridee keeps him in her room away from the dogs.

One day, Miss Dolito entered Caridee’s room to see how La-la’s doing, but couldn’t find him anywhere. So she called out, “La-la, it’s Grandma! Where are you?” La-la didn’t show up. So Miss Dolito called his name again. This time, she heard a low voice saying, “Help! Help!” She followed the voice and found this: Read the rest of this entry »

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Dolito’s pets talk: He Can’t Find Me

There are a lot of stories on the internet about pets playing with children, or even taking care of them. But not every pet enjoys staying with kids.

Don-Don, Renee’s cat is kind of avoiding Sun (Renee’s son) because the little guy is so energetic that he always grabs Don-Don without controlling his strength. And that’s why Miss Dolito saw this interesting scene:


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Dolito’s pets talk: Look Like A Stray Dog

Recently everyone’s busy preparing for the Chinese New Year, so is Miss Dolito’s family. As a result the dogs haven’t taken a shower for a few days.


Few days ago a conversation like this happened: Read the rest of this entry »


Dolito’s pets talk: A Better View


One day when Miss Dolito went to the office, she saw Chocolate the poodle on the chair. She asked what he was doing, and why he was on the chair.

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Dolito’s pets talk: I Miss You

Miss Dolito spends little time with her family due to work. When she’s not at home, the dogs really miss her. One day, while she was praying one of the dogs leaned on her leg. It was Pon-Pon the West Highland White Terrier.


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Dolito’s pets talk: Waiting

Miss Dolito saw Lala the Labrador Retriever lying in front of the fridge.


She asked: What’re you doing?

Lala: Mom, there’s meat inside.

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