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pets talk: I’m Okay with It

Yoyo the Husky is one of the member in the big family of our memorial pagoda in Taichung. The pagoda is located in a mountain, nearly the top of it. The air there is much cleaner than the city air, so for most pet owners who work and live in the city, coming to visit their late pet is also relaxing.

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pets talk: Did You Hear Me


Maggie the Husky is a pretty girl just like her owner.

Maggie said, “I miss your ex. I got alone well with him.”

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Pets Talk: Make Them Love Me


His name is Ballas(transliteration of 巴勒斯). A 9-year-old husky.


His name is Oreo, approximately 8 years old. The Sister took him home from the Stray Animal Shelter few years ago.

Ballas and Oreo are opposite to each other in many ways, not only that one of them is white and the other black. For example, Ballas is very energetic and can’t stop moving, while Oreo is quiet, he only stands or sits next to his Sister. So what are they going to say?

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pets talk: I Love AC!


We all love Huskies. But for the dogs that originate from northern regions, it’s just unbearably hot in Taiwan; that’s why I always think people should think twice before they decide to raise a Husky. But if they do they should take the responsibility and try their best not to make the poor dog uncomfortable. Now let’s see how FeiFei’s (transliteration of 肥肥) Sisters manage to take care of him.

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