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pets talk: I’m Okay with It

Yoyo the Husky is one of the member in the big family of our memorial pagoda in Taichung. The pagoda is located in a mountain, nearly the top of it. The air there is much cleaner than the city air, so for most pet owners who work and live in the city, coming to visit their late pet is also relaxing.

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pets talk: It’s Up To You


Many people wanted to know where one would be after one died, so did the owner of Kobe the Beagle. She brought some of Kobe’s cute pictures to visit Miss Dolito wanting to know if Kobe was still with her, and if so, how was he.

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pets talk: He’s Watching Over You


When an owner takes more than one pet to Miss Dolito, chances are that only one of them will talk. That pet is the ‘boss’ among all the pets and others will just watch and listen to him/her.

Last year a family took their lovely cats to our charitable weekend trip. Three cats. But only one of them talked. Won-Lien was the oldest cat in their family; she refused to go out of her carrier so we all crouched on the floor to keep an eye contact with her.

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pets talk: We Don’t Live Long


Last week I just lost my beloved grandmother. I know I should be happy for her to finally go back to God and my grandfather, but the feeling of loss needs time to heal. Thus when I’m translating the story of the little hamster Fries, I feel sadder than usual. Well, but I believe as time goes by, we’ll all be fine.


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pets talk: I Want Her Dead


A family took a poodle and a dachshund to Miss Dolito. Teddy the poodle was the main reason they were there; they made the appointment for him few years ago. While Lulu the dachshund was a comparatively new member of this family.

As soon as Teddy started to talk, he said, “You were planning to have a poodle girl. But instead, you brought this(meaning Lulu) home.”

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The Hardest Decision

(This is the translation of Miss Dolito’s blog. I stands for Miss Dolito.)

The last thing I want to hear is when the owners take their severely sick and dying pets to me, and ask me if they should have the pets put “to sleep.”

However, it happens a lot. Whenever it happens, especially when the pets start with “I can’t make it. I don’t have much time to spend with you. I’m so worried about you,” I try to hold my tears but the owners can’t stop crying already, and I end up crying with them all the time.

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pets talk: You Did This To Me


A poodle couple, Jordan and JoJo, came to see Miss Dolito. They were very cute, and they looked at Miss Dolito in the eye as if they were ready for starting a conversation.

JoJo was the one to talk first. She said, “I had babies. I miss them.” The owner was surprised. She said that JoJo did have puppies, but they all died very young. She didn’t know that JoJo would be looking for her missing children.

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pets talk: Don’t Be Sad


Guzhui (transliteration of 古錐, meaning cute in Taiwanese) was a nine-year-old shiba inu, who had been dead for a while. Her owner took her photo to Miss Dolito to see if Guzhui’s spirit was attached to it. Luckily she was, and she followed her owner to meet Miss Dolito by attaching to the photos.

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pets talk: Doze Off


Unlike most of the western countries, it’s hard to tell which religion has the most popularity in Taiwan. Therefore, when it comes to death, we have a lot of different thoughts of it: heaven an hell, reincarnation, and so on. Some pet owners ask us, will their pets be earthbound because the owners visit their graves (in this case, the memorial pagoda) too often? Does it make it harder for them to let go and move on? According to Miss Dolito’s experiences communicating with the spirits, the answer is NO. When the time comes, they just have to go; it’s not up to them.

Dong-Dong the mixed dog, was a very cute and sweet son, and he still IS. Dong-Dong’s mom finally made time for visiting him. When it was Dong-Dong’s turn, his first words was: “You finally came!” making the mom speechless.

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pets talk: Save the Money

So far in Taiwan, pets don’t have health insurance so it can be very expensive to take your pet to a vet. However, money is not the biggest issue. The worst problem is that there are always some vets trying to scam the owners. We’ve heard a lot in the past few years. The stories are all similar: once the vet finds out your pet is dying and can’t be cured, (s)he starts to persuade you to let your pet have surgeries or chemotherapy, and make you feel that there’s still hope that your baby pet can recover. It is the story that no one wants to experience.


Xiao-Meow (transliteration of 小喵) the chinchilla cat was one of the poor pets in this kind of stories. When his mom took him to us, we saw a very beautiful and elegant cat, just not very happy. But then we was shocked to learn that he was not going to live that long. Xiao-Meow’s mom told us that he’s been sick for a long time, and she made every effort to take care of him.

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