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pets talk: Keep My Figure

on August 14, 2017

Nico the Yorkshire terrier was very nice-looking. She walked in like a celebrity and we could tell that the owner was proud of her girl.

Nico said, “I’m pretty. I’m the prettiest dog in the world.” The owner nodded with a big smile, but quickly turned to a worried face.

She asked Miss Dolito, “Nico doesn’t eat much lately. I even cooked for her but she just eats little. Maybe it’s because the weather, or because I suck at cooking, but I want to be sure.”

To her surprise, Nico said, “I can’t eat too much. I need to keep me figure.

“What?” said the owner, “So you’re doing this to keep slim?”

Nico said, “Same as you.” The owner burst into laughter and said, “I always tell my mom that I can’t eat too much, and that I don’t want to gain weights.”

She was so happy to know that Nico’s in perfect health, and so were we.

Oct 08, 2016


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