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pets talk: Dad Saved My Life

on July 18, 2017

Maiya the Yorkshire terrier was brought to Miss Dolito. On seeing Miss Dolito, she said, “I’ve been here before!” Her owner nodded and said they came here when Maiya was one year old; that was five years ago.

Mom and Dad got married.” said Maiya.

“Last time we came here we were just dating. We got married last year.” The owner said. We congratulated her.

Maiya said, “Finally! I almost became an orphan.

We looked at the owner; she was a little embarrassed. “My husband and I broke up once, but got back together a year later.”

Maiya said, “I was so scared. Mom cried every day like a psychopath.

The owner rolled her eyes. Maiya continued, “Thank God Dad came back. He saved my life.

The owner laughed. “You’re exaggerating!”

Well, we felt happy for them anyway!

Sep 11, 2016


2 responses to “pets talk: Dad Saved My Life

  1. KDKH says:

    Such a little drama queen!

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