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Dolito’s pets talk: He Can’t Find Me

on April 7, 2017

There are a lot of stories on the internet about pets playing with children, or even taking care of them. But not every pet enjoys staying with kids.

Don-Don, Renee’s cat is kind of avoiding Sun (Renee’s son) because the little guy is so energetic that he always grabs Don-Don without controlling his strength. And that’s why Miss Dolito saw this interesting scene:


Miss Dolito was about to ask Don-Don what he was doing, but Don-Don spoke first, “Grandma, don’t tell Sun that I’m here!”

He hid under the desk so that Sun wouldn’t find him, and he thought he was well hidden.


Miss Dolito wasn’t sure if she should tell him that Sun WAS right behind him looking at his tail. But one thing’s for sure: they’d have to teach Sun to be gentle when playing with the pets.

Apr 07, 2017


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