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pets talk: I’m Not Afraid

on December 12, 2016

Caca the Beagle was sitting by her owner, ready to talk. She was a bit smaller than usual beagles but almost round as a ball in a cute way.

Caca: The other owner isn’t here.

Owner: Yes. My husband has to work late today so he can’t join us.

Caca: Thank God he isn’t here.

We all cast our eyes on her.

Caca: He beats me every day. He beats me hard; he’s not kidding.

Owner: Well, maybe you shouldn’t make our home a mess every day. Your dad doesn’t like it.

Caca: I’m not afraid of him.

Owner: You should be!

Every one laughed.

Caca: You’re going to have a baby.

Owner: Oh you already know! Can you behave yourself after we have the baby?

Caca: I will. I can even take care of it for you.

The owner joked: I don’t believe you. (laugh)

Caca: Thank you for not sending me away.

Owner: You’re our family. Your dad hasn’t thought about sending you away either, not even once.

Caca: I know. He loves me.

Owner: But we really hope that you can behave yourself.

Caca: I will.

And we wished she would keep the promise. Because it’s really exhausting cleaning the house every day and having to take care of a baby at the same time!

May 15, 2016


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