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pets talk: I Was Jealous

on September 28, 2016

I found that it’s been a long while since the last time I wrote about our charitable trip. In fact, for a lot of reasons we haven’t held this activity since 4 years ago. I miss those days though.



Shua-Shua the grey-headed parakeet died just before her owners came to attend our weekend trip. The owners brought the other pet, Cha-Cha the black-headed Caque, here but still wanted to take a chance. They showed Miss Dolito the photo of Shua-Shua, hoping to have the chance to hear her talk.

Cha-Cha was very energetic. She seemed to like Miss Dolito a lot.

Cha-Cha: I know how to kiss.

She showed us. How cute! However, it was the only thing she said that day.


Shua-Shua didn’t talk. The owners started to talk about her.



Shua-Shua was a good girl. But she sometimes attacked the male owner. And they meant real attack. They didn’t even know why because the male owner treated her well. Miss Dolito thought for a second and suggested that the male owner leave the room for now. Maybe Shua-Shua would like to say something when he’s not present.



Miss Dolito’s instinct was right.

Shua-Shua: I came first. She’s after me.

She meant Cha-Cha. The (female) owner nodded. Shua-Shua had been her family for a long time.

Shua-Shua: You didn’t even know him when you had me as pet.

Now she’s talking about the male owner.

Shua-Shua: When there were only you and me, we slept together at nights. But then you met him, so I began to feel unhappy. That’s why I attacked him.

The owner: But that’s wrong.

Shua-Shua: I knew. I also told myself that I shouldn’t do that. But I could’t. I felt unhappy. I was jealous. I knew it was not right but I couldn’t help. That’s all I wanted to say.

The owner: I see. I know you loved me. You’re a good girl. I won’t blame you.

She wiped off the tears.

Sometimes when our pets (or kids) do something wrong, our first reaction is to scold or to try to tell them what’s right to do. Maybe we should hold on a second and think about why they do so first.

May 14, 2011


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