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Her ability is a gift to all people and animals

Dolito’s pets talk: I Miss You

on September 6, 2016

Miss Dolito spends little time with her family due to work. When she’s not at home, the dogs really miss her. One day, while she was praying one of the dogs leaned on her leg. It was Pon-Pon the West Highland White Terrier.


Pon-Pon: Mom~

Miss Dolito: Hum?

Pon-Pon: I miss you so much!

Miss Dolito smiled. But after a while her legs started falling asleep.

Miss Dolito: Pon-Pon, can you get up?

Pon-Pon: But I like Mom’s smell. . .


How cute!

Sep 06, 2016


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