* Dolito *

Her ability is a gift to all people and animals

Dolito’s pets talk: Afternoon

on June 15, 2016


Miss Dolito was very surprised to see these two being so quiet because Bow-Bow the West Highland white terrier and BOSS the Border Collie are the most active in the big family. So Miss Dolito asked what they were doing.

BOW-BOW: Don’t talk to us right now, Mommy.

Miss Dolito: What are you doing, BOSS?

BOSS remained quiet.

Since they wouldn’t talk, Miss Dolito turned to ask the assistant.

The assistant: Well, I guess they got bored after lunch; they fought and both of them almost got injured. So I slightly chewed them out in the afternoon.

BOSS: It was not ‘in the afternoon’. . .

BOW-BOW: It was ‘the whole afternoon’. . .


June 15, 2016


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