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pets talk: Better Than You

on June 7, 2016

A family brought 3 lovely dogs to Miss Dolito. Two of them were Schnauzers, DoDo and Golden; the other one was a Bichon Frise named Q-chan.


DoDo was the eldest dog, so the owners let him speak first. They asked him if he had anything to say, or to complain about.

DoDo said to the mother: You should buy a new vehicle. You love to take the whole family for a ride, don’t you? I think you need a bigger vehicle.

The owner smiled and told us that because usually all the seats would be taken, DoDo could only sit on the floor. Apparently he’s not very happy with that.

The owners asked about DoDo’s health. They saw him trembling from time to time.

DoDo: I’m fine. There’s no need to take me to the vet. 

The owners: But you’ve been trembling!

DoDo: It’s a bit cold. That’s all.

No, it was not cold at all. . . it had been unbearably hot in Taiwan this year. Miss Dolito said that no one liked to see a doctor, neither did our pets. Even if they didn’t feel well, they would say they’re fine to avoid being taken to the hospital.


Q-chan was excited. Right after DoDo finished, he started to talk.

Q-chan: I’m ugly compared to my siblings. I’m the ugliest one. But I have something to say.

The owners: Yes?

Q-chan: I may not look good, but I look better than every one of you. You’re all ugly; no men would want to marry women like you. Plus, you’re fat. And you’ll only be even fatter and uglier in the future.

Miss Dolito looked at the owners embarrassedly, but they just laughed so hard they couldn’t stop.

Later we knew the owners often said that Q-chan was ugly jokingly. While they thought they were just kidding, Q-chan was kinda upset about it.

The owners owed him an apology for sure!


Apr 09, 2016


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