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pets talk: Why Did He Run Away?

on April 14, 2016

Tiny the Chihuahua, 9 years old, was brought here by his family. He looked very nervous and didn’t dare to get closer to Miss Dolito. Maybe he thought she’s a vet and was therefore confused why they took him here.


The owners spent some time comforting and explaining to him that Miss Dolito was NOT a vet and that they brought him here to hear him speak.

Tiny: One of my owners, the one that brought me home in the first place, doesn’t live with us. I think he ran away. Why did he do this?

This question had been bothering Tiny since he was little, but because no one could understand what’s on his mind, no one could tell him earlier that the boy who brought him back was actually their cousin. Of course he didn’t live with them.

Now Tiny knew the fact, finally.



Tiny: My head aches sometimes. Please be careful not to let me fall on the floor again.

The owners nodded immediately. They felt sorry for having accidentally dropped him on the floor.

Tiny: I don’t like to be alone at home. I like the temples. Take me with you when you visit the temples, please.

In Taiwan, many people travel to other cities in order to pray in the local temples. There are a lot of Gods and Goddesses in Taoism and folk religions, after all.



Tiny: Thank you for taking care of me. You’re all very kind and I’m happy to be a part of this family.

Mar 13, 2016


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