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Dolito’s pets talk: It’s Warm

on February 17, 2016

Two days before the Chinese New Year an earthquake hit the southern Taiwan; 4 buildings collapsed and 1 leaned on the lower building next to it. The last one was not far from my grandmother’s house and I got the chance to see it at a close-enough distance. I felt sorry for those whose home was severely damaged, those who are still waiting for the chance to live, and those who will never have that chance. But still, I’m glad that my family’s safe. The weather has been changeable since January and it’s hard for both the victims and the rescue teams to hold on, but they did. And sometimes good news came out. A few days ago there ws a Shiba-Inu found under the debris, who hadn’t eat for about a week, and he could finally reunion with his owners. I was so happy to see the news. And I’ll keep praying for the other victims.

So, like I said, the weather has been changeable, and I hate it because I can’t trim my dogs yet. When it gets hot they feel uncomfortable but once they get rid their fur, it might just get cold again. Miss Dolito took these photos when it got cold:


Tzai-Tzai the Maltese huddled himself up between Kuli and Chocolate the Poodles. When he saw Miss Dolito, he said, “They have more fur. It’s warm to snuggle up to them.”


What a clever boy…

Feb 16, 2016


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