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Her ability is a gift to all people and animals

pets talk: He’s Ugly

on January 5, 2016

Happy 2016! We wish every person and animal a great year.

ChoCho the Poodle obviously didn’t know that he was taken here to speak. He thought Miss Dolito was a vet. So his first words was: “I don’t need to see a vet.” It’s common. Many pet owners forgot to tell their little family member who Miss Dolito is and what she’s capable of.

Luckily ChoCho was smart enough to know what he should do once the owner told him. “You understand what I’m saying?” He was surprised.

Then he thought about the one thing that he had to tell his owner.

“Stop saying I’m ugly.” ChoCho said.

“It’s my brother! He often says that. . . he;s joking, of course. He likes to play with ChoCho.” The owner told us. She didn’t like her brother doing that as well, but she didn’t know that ChoCho was also unhappy about it because many people didn’t think animals could understand what human said.

“Tell him to stop.”

“I will. I will tell him not to say that.” The owner promised.

ChoCho said before they left the consulting room, “He’s ugly.”

We laughed so hard. . .

Jun 10, 2012


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