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pets talk: Not Cool

on December 7, 2015

Wolfie the Chow Chow entered the consulting room panting. He sat behind the owner, and we started to wait for his talk.

Wolfie: It’s hot.

Owner: That’s why Miss Dolito has turned on both the air conditioner and the fans for you.

That’s also why Wolfie had been shaved down, and he had a lot of complaints about it.

Wolfie: I don’t look cool without my coat.

Owner: I know. But you can’t stand the temperature, can you?

The owner told us that Wolfie stayed down whenever he got shaved, and only rose his head up after he grew some fur.

Wolfie: Right. So I can only accept it.

Owner: Accept what? The temperature or no coat?

Wolfie: I accept to look not cool.

Owner: So you’re letting me shave you down?

Wolfie: What else can I do?

The owner hug Wolfie and said “You’ll look cool in winter,” trying to comfort him. We hoped that worked.

Sep 23, 2012


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