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Her ability is a gift to all people and animals

pets talk: I’m Fine with It

on October 1, 2015

Dazy the Yorkshire followed his owner into Miss Dolito’s consultation room.

As soon as the girl took a seat, Dazy told Miss Dolito, “My mom isn’t here.”

The girl smiled, “He’s right. My sister is occupied with something  else so she asked me to bring him here.”

Dazy said, “She has a baby.”

“Wow, I’m surprised that he actually knows my sister’s pregnant!” The girl said.

Dazy went on, “I’ll help to take care of the baby.”

“Really?” The girl asked Dazy, “But she may spend less time on you because of the baby, will you be unhappy with that?”

“I know.” said Dazy, “I’m fine with it.”

The girl said in a pleased tone, ‘That’s a relief! It’s the thing that my sister worry about the most since she got pregnant. I’m happy to know how understanding Dazy is!”

Dazy said, “I’ll be a good boy.”

The girl gave him a big hug. “Good boy! I’ll tell your mom what you said!”

Sep 02, 2012


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