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Dolito’s pets talk: The Floor Is Too Hard

on April 8, 2015

Recently Miss Dolito’s family has a new member, A-Fu, a stray dog (or I should say “a former stray dog”) who came to their neighborhood and just stayed there because the neighbors would feed him. Miss Dolito then decided to bring him home instead of simply giving him food.

A-Fu is young and energetic. It’s good but sometimes it can get distressing for they have too many animals to take care of and some of the animals are already old.

One morning, Miss Dolito’s assistant Mei almost fainted to see this:


A-Fu was sitting on BoHo, who’s old and disabled. BoHo complained by growling but he didn’t have the strength to struggle or to fight A-Fu.

Mei called Miss Dolito and showed her the photo she took, wondering why A-Fu did this.

It turned out that A-Fu thought the floor was too hard so he just enjoyed his “sofa”… a growling “sofa”.


Looks like they have to make more efforts to educate this young guy!

Feb 16, 2015


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