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Dolito’s pets talk: Exercise

on October 16, 2014

My co-worker, Mar, whom I once mentioned in this post, has been on a diet recently. He takes Boss the Border Collie, also one of Miss Dolito’s family members,  out to exercise every day.

































We found out that when they came back Boss always gasped for air while Mar didn’t look tired at all.

One day, Boss just could’t take it anymore. He decided to tell Miss Dolito ‘the truth’ . . .

“Mom! You know I exercise every day with Mar, right? But you don’t know this: what we do is catching ball. He throws the ball, and I go catch it. And we do it, like, a hundred times. It was me who did the exercise!”

When Miss Dolito told us what Boss said, none of us could stop laughing, including Mar!

Oct 10, 2014




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