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pets talk: It Was Just A Warning

on October 1, 2014

Apa the smooth-haired Dachshund was brought to Miss Dolito. His owner was eager to know what was on his mind because he had caused much trouble.

And when Miss Dolito went close to them, he immediately warned her, “I bite. It’s my nature. Don’t mess with me.”

So we knew what kind of trouble Apa had caused.

The owner nodded and said it was true that Apa had bitten a lot of people, and that he really wanted to know why. Apa could be friendly sometimes, but other times, he would bite people all of a sudden.

Miss Dolito asked why Apa bit those people. He answered, “They annoyed me.”

“Oh.” His owner said, “Now I can recall that those people made fun of Apa’s look before they got bitten, even if they were just kidding. But why did Apa bite Aunt Hiang? She didn’t say anything bad about him!”

“She was noisy.” said Apa. Aunt Hiang came to chat with the owner’s grandmother, and she kept talking and talking since the second she stepped in their house as if she would never stop talking — the owner told us.

“She dare not come in now.” said Apa, looking proud, and concluded by saying, “I bite whoever annoys me!”

Now that the owner knew the reason why Apa bit people, he started to ask him not to do so. He had paid others’ medical expenses for many times because of Apa’s behavior.

“It was just a warning!” Apa argued. He thought that ‘one bite’ was a warning and he wouldn’t go too far unless those people kept annoying him after the first bite.

His owner was really speechless. . .

(Looks like Apa needed more training, but I wish the trainer won’t get bitten.)

Sep 05, 2012


7 responses to “pets talk: It Was Just A Warning

  1. KDKH says:

    My middle daughter was bitten by a dachshund when she was small and visited relatives with her dad. I suspect Apa is not the only dachshund with this philosophy.

  2. Haha dachshunds and their attitude 🙂

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