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pets talk: How Would I Know

on August 25, 2014

Pidan the Black Toy Poodle sat in his owner’s arms, looking at Miss Dolito. His owner said that he wanted to know if Pidan was happy about his daily lives.

We waited for a short while until Pidan started talking. He said, “I’ve prepared for this for a long time.”

The owner laughed and told us that he told Pidan that he will be talking to Miss Dolito since the day he got the appointment and it was about 2 years ago.

Pidan said, “I’ve been practicing.”

We all laughed. It was like he was there to give us a speech.

Now, Pidan was going to get to the point. He said, “I want a company.”

“Sure,” said the owner, “I’ve always been wondering if he’d feel lonely because when I’m out for work he’d be all alone at home.”

“It has to be a girl.” Pidan added.

“Why? You don’t want a buddy?”

“I want a girlfriend!” said Pidan. So THAT was the point. Now the owner knew what Pidan wanted.

Then Pidan said to him, “You can’t quit your job now. You have to find a new job first. Or I’m afraid we’re going to be starved.” 

The owner nodded while laughing hard. Then he said, “Don’t worry, I’ve saved some money. We’re not going to be starved.”

Out of his prediction, Pidan said, “Only if you don’t lend money to others.”

The owner was so surprised he looked around and didn’t know how to react at first. We believed that Pidan had heard him talking on the phone or something.

“He won’t give it back.”

“He said he will!” said the owner, defending his friend.

“He WON’T. He’s almost on the run.” said Pidan.

“You don’t know that.” The owner still had faith in his friend, but Pidan said, “Kuan Kung  said that. He said you should stop lending money to him.”

(Kuan Kung  is one of the most well-known God in Taiwan’s folklore religion, like Guan-Yin. Many people have His statue in their house so they can pray to him every day without going to the temple.)

The owner was shut up for a second. Because when he heard the name of Kuan Kung, he didn’t dare to doubt it anymore.

“D…did Kuan Kung really say that?” He asked Pidan.

“Of course! Or how do you think would I know about your friend?”

I was sure that the owner would consider cautiously before lending money to others from now on, and that was good for him. Thanks to Kuan Kung and cute little Pidan!

Aug 07, 2013


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