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Dolito’s pets talk: Is he an orphan?

on July 10, 2014

One of my friends is under postpartum rest and we have promised to help take care of her pet dog during this period. So this cute guy, A-Tsai, is living in our pet hotel for now.

One day, Miss Dolito heard Pon-Pon saying, “A-Tsai is an orphan. His mom abandoned him.”

Just when Miss Dolito intended to correct him, she heard Tzai-Tzai saying, “No he’s not! I heard that his mom has gone to Vietnam. That’s why he’s living here now.”

Xiao-Guai also talked. He said, “No, no. His mom had a tumor in her stomach and had to have a surgery. So she couldn’t take care of him!”

“None of you were right.” said Chocolate, “He was taken here by Grandma. He was lonely because no one else stayed home with him; he was poor. So Grandma just took him back and fed him. See? He’s gained a lot of weights since he came here!”

We laughed after Miss Dolito told us about this conversation. It appeared that dogs love gossips too!

Jul 08, 2014


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