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pets talk: I Can’t Sleep Well

on June 23, 2014

A lot of people have trouble sleeping nowadays, myself included; but only few know that animals can have this problem as well. We usually consider animals, especially pets, carefree and happy that there’s no reason they would suffer from insomnia. While the fact is, animals do have the same kind of problems, ESPECIALLY pets. Pets are so close to human that they share our daily emotion. When we’re happy, they’re happy; when we’re frustrated, chances are they feel the same way as we do.

Many owners brought their unhappy pets to Miss Dolito trying to figure out why they’re unhappy only to find out that they were the reason that made the pets sad. People who suffered from depressions would have an influence on their pets. So if we want our pets to be happy, remember that we should be happy in the first place.

Xiao-Xiao the Yorkshire terrier also had problem sleeping. Luckily, his situation was not that serious as said below.

His first words were: “I eat a lot.”

We looked at him and all agreed. Despite his name (Xiao meaning small in Mandarin) he was actually much bigger than other Yorkshire.

He said, “But I just don’t feel enough.”

We laughed. . . well, I knew that feeling. But still the owner couldn’t gave him too much or he would be unhealthy.

“We have a lot of guests at nights. They’re very noisy.”

The owners confirmed that they often invited friends to their house. “Don’t you like playing with them?”  They asked.

Xiao-Xiao said, “They’re too noisy that I can’t sleep well.”

The owners thought he liked their friends, not knowing that he stayed up with them only because he couldn’t sleep.

He added, “I don’t like them smoking and drinking; I hate the smell.”

No wonder when their friends visited, Xiao-Xiao always refused to be held by them.

“It’s not good for health. You should sleep earlier.” Xiao-Xiao looked around, stopped for a second, and then said, “I’m done.”

Now that the owners knew what changes Xiao-Xiao wanted them to make. Hope that they did make a difference for the sake of Xiao-Xiao and their health.

Oct 17, 2012


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