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pets talk: Miss the Old Time

on May 14, 2014

Today I’m going to share a story which took place four years ago. Well, it feels like last month to me though. I’ll never get used to how fast time passes. When I was a child I thought only old people would feel that time flied, but now I feel that way almost every day. Does that make me old?

Speaking of old people, this cute Pomeranian dog, Jia-Jia, who was 14 when he visited Miss Dolito, was also called an ‘old man’ by his owners. He was brought here by three young girls. So while other pet owners acted like parents who brought their kids with them, these girls was acting like they brought their grandfather.


Jia-Jia’s first words were: “Speak louder. I’m hard of hearing.” We were really talking to an old man. One of the girls raised her voice and asked Jia-Jia what was his favorite food and what else he wanted to eat. He said, “Anything. My appetite is quite good.” 

Jia-Jia said, “There’s no boy in our family.” The girls nodded. They didn’t have brothers. Jia-Jia looked at them; he said, “You’re not living at home.” The sisters told us that they currently lived in dorms because their home was too far away from the schools; they only went back at weekends or vacations.

“I miss you a lot.” said Jia-Jia, “I miss the old time.” We all knew what he meant. He missed the time when the sisters were kids and all playing with him at home. “It’s all changed now.” He sighed. The girls immediately hugged him and comforted him. Even if they were not living with him, their love for him would not change at all.

Jia-Jia then talked about his health condition: “My heart has a condition, so does my bronchus. I think you should be prepared for what’s going to happen in the future.” The girls nodded again. It seemed that they already noticed that. So they really wanted to make sure that they made Jia-Jia more comfortable, both physically and mentally.


It was a little heavy in here. None of us dare to be the first one to change topics, so Jia-Jia took the job. He said to the sisters, “You all study well.” Then to one of them, “You’re the youngest.” The girl nodded and said, “Yes. Why?” But Jia-Jia didn’t say why he mentioned her being the youngest sister.

Before they left, the sisters asked what Jia-Jia wanted them to do for him. Jia-Jia said with humor, “Just don’t forget to feed me.” We all laughed. Of course the girls knew what Jia-Jia really wanted them to do. He just wanted them to come home and play with him more often; nothing else.

Dec 05, 2010


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