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pets talk: Have Another Dog

on May 5, 2014

When I get sick or down, I always feel better after hugging my dogs. They’d look a bit confused because they know I’m not in my usual mood but they don’t know why. Still, once they find that I’m unhappy they’d try very hard to cheer me up. I’m really glad I have them as family members. 🙂

Today I want to share a story where the pet really put his owner first. This dog was named Hua-Luen, an obviously aged Shih-Tzu. His first words to the owner was: “I’m old. So are you.” The owner smiled. No woman would like to be said old, but it was fact.

Hua-Luen said, “You’ve reached the marriageable age long ago but you’re still single. . . I really hope I can see you get married.”

“Well.” The lady shredded her shoulder, saying that she wasn’t that fond of marriage. She didn’t want to push herself to do so if she didn’t meet the right guy. While Hua-Luen had his concerns, too.

He said, “I want there to be someone who can stay with you when I no longer can.” He was worried that his owner would be lonely. He continued, “Or you can have another dog.”

The owner smiled and hugged Hua-Luen. She said, “We’ll see.”

Hua-Luen told her, “You need to save more money and make some plans for yourself. Stop lending money to your little brother; he won’t give it back.”

It was a hard question. The owner said she couldn’t just sit and watch when her brother was in need, but she’d consider it more carefully.

Hua-Luen said, “You have to look out for yourself more.” The owner nodded. She was happy that Hua-Luen was so concerned about her.

Before they left, Hua-Luen told her to be prepared because he wasn’t sure how much longer he could stay beside her. The lady held him in her arms, repeating, “Everything will be fine.”

May 29, 2013


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