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Dolito’s pets talk: Where Are You?

on April 22, 2014

Miss Dolito has been on a business trip overseas for a while. One of the things she misses the most is Korean drama; her son would record the show and store the files in PC so that she can watch when she comes back.

According to Miss Dolito, she feels very much relieved when she sees how hard the characters’ life is in the drama. It’ll make her feel easier to face her own.

One day, when she came back to Taiwan and was ready to relax and enjoy the drama, the dogs, who had been sleeping, started to get up and move around in the room. Chocolate suddenly cried out, “Where are you hiding, brother? Come out!”

Kuri and Pon-Pon also said, “I heard you! Brother! Stop hiding yourself!”

Miss Dolito watched them and felt confused, but then she heard her son’s voice, too. It sounded like he was answering his phone. So Miss Dolito joined the dogs and went looking for her son.

Finally, she found that the voice came from nowhere but her computer. Her son got a phone call when he was recording the Korean drama for his mother, and his voice was recorded as well.

She explained it to the dogs immediately, and they finally went back to sleep! Hopefully they could have a good dream.

Apr 21, 2014


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