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pets talk: I Was Threatened

on April 7, 2014

A young girl brought Pi-Pi the English Bulldog to visit Miss Dolito. Pi-Pi couldn’t stop licking Miss Dolito’s hand; he was really adorable.

We waited for him to start. Just when the girl began to show signs of anxiety, Pi-Pi said, “My mom kept asking me to talk.”

The girl was so excited to hear Pi-Pi talking. She nodded and said she made this appointment online few years ago, and she’d be upset if Pi-Pi didn’t talk. So she kept asking him to do so.

Pi-Pi said, “I’ll be dead if I don’t talk.”

We saw the girl laughing hard. She was still nodding. It was what she said to Pi-Pi over and over again.

Pi-Pi then said, “I was threatened.”

We were waiting for the next words, but Pi-Pi just stopped.

“Come on!” the girl said, loudly, “That can’t be all you want to say!” She started to beg him to say something more.

After a few seconds, Pi-Pi looked at the snacks on our table, and said, “I haven’t eaten yet. I’m hungry.”

The girl replied, “Then talk! I’ll feed you after you talk. Or you’ll get nothing to eat.”

Pi-Pi turned around and looked at Miss Dolito, saying, “I was threatened again.”

We burst out laughing and could hardly stop. Pi-Pi was just too cute!

“I’ve said a lot. You can feed me now.” said Pi-Pi. He talked undoubtedly, just that nothing he said was what his owner wanted to hear.

The girl was completely out of speech, but what could she say? That was just who Pi-Pi was!

Dec 19, 2012


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