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Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Animal Shelter

on March 31, 2014

In March 29, 2014, Tien-Yuan Life Care Association held the groundbreaking ceremony for our future animal shelter in Taichung, Taiwan. We have been raising funds for building an animal shelter for half a decade, and with many helps we finally accomplish the first step of our plan. We want to say THANK YOU with all our hearts to those kindest people who have helped and supported us. Thank you!













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We invited the members of Tien-Yuan Life Care Association. Most of them brought their pets here to support and celebrate with us. We were really touched and happy that we’re getting closer to the dream to help and save more animals.

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This is our current President of Tien-Yuan Life Care Association, Ms. Hsieh. She led all the participants to sing two classic songs, ‘Thankful Heart’ and ‘I Want A Home.’

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Our former President and Miss Dolito.

Miss Dolito said she was so happy that we’re making progress. This was a huge step.

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We also invited a Taiwanese celebrity, Amber An, who met Miss Dolito during the shooting of a TV show. She also has pets and she knows how important it is to build a shelter for those wandering outside. We also hope that through famous people like her, we can let more people know about our dream!

Mar 31, 2014


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