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pets talk: Then Don’t Listen

on March 24, 2014

There are a lot of things going on in Taiwan just like many other countries. I really hope this can end more peacefully. God bless Taiwan.

The story I’m going to share today is very short and I’m not sure if I have shared similar stories before. We started the blog (in Mandarin) a few years ago and with more stories shared, pet owners know more about how to get their pets talk. So it’s actually pretty rare to us that the owners who bring their pets to Miss Dolito still don’t believe their pets can talk.

But this, the story I’m about to share, belongs to this kind.

Cici the Golden Retriever was very pretty, but she didn’t wear a big smile like most Golden Retrievers did. We got to know why when she talked. “You don’t believe I can talk.” She said to her owner.

The owner looked a little bit embarrassed. She kept going, “Why are you bringing me here if you don’t believe I can talk?” The answer was silence and an awkward smile.

“You just want to see if I really can talk.” said Cici. She didn’t think her owners cared about what was on her mind. Maybe the owner was here just to see whether Miss Dolito was a liar or not.

We know there are many people who don’t believe us; we weren’t as sad as Cici. But we felt sorry for her.

Cici was so disappointed and said, “If you don’t believe, then don’t listen. I’m going home.”

She refused to talk after saying that.

Oct 31, 2012


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