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pets talk: Abuse

on March 13, 2014

I hope you’re not getting nervous seeing this title. I got nervous when I saw it, but then I found out it was just a funny conversation between pet and owner. The adorable Pug is named Kong-Long-Mei. This name in Mandarin has the image of girls that are not slender or pretty. It would be rude to call a girl like that,but Kong-Long-Mei accepts it as her name pretty well.

Kong-Long-Mei sat in front of Miss Dolito with a big smile. She said, “I want to eat fried food.

The owner laughed and told her, “You can’t! You’re too fat.”

Kong-Long-Mei complained, “I’m hungry. The food is not enough. Are you trying to starve me to death?

We looked at the owner, wondering how much food she gave her every day. Then she gave us the answer: two meals a day, plus fruits and snacks.

We looked back at Kong-Long-Mei. Apparently she didn’t care about “how much” she ate, but “what” she ate.

She kept complaining, “This is dog abuse!

The owner got speechless. She would be worried about Kong-Long-Mei’s health if she ate more, not to mention salty and greasy food.

But then Kong-Long-Mei said something that really shut the owner’s mouth that day. She said, “You’re fat, too. And you eat fried food all the time. Why can’t I? You even eat it after dinner.

The owner rolled her eyes and said, “Didn’t I share?”

Kong-Long-Mei looked elsewhere. “Yeah you did.” Kong-Long-Mei’s face expression indicated that it was not enough.

Maybe it’s good for the owner to quit those unhealthy food and to lose some weights together with Kong-Long-Mei. Don’t you agree?

Apr 17, 2013


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