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pets talk: I Want to Visit Him

on February 21, 2014

I’m not sure about other countries, but in Taiwan, the weather changes drastically recently and a lot of people get sick as a result. There are even old people dying because of the changeable weather. I just want to say take care to every one that’s reading this now because I believe this change wouldn’t just happen in a small island. So, everybody takes care.

A lady brought A-Fu the Chihuahua here with a beautiful pet carrier. A-Fu was shaking a little, so she just let him stay in the carrier and talk.

A-Fu said, “Mom is a nice person.” The lady smiled. A-Fu went on, “We live together by ourselves. I’ll protect you.

She laughed and looked at us, saying, “He barks whenever someone gets close to me. He’d pretend to bite so that those people wouldn’t come too close. I’m surprised he didn’t bark at you today.”

A-Fu stayed in the carrier, looking away and said, “I don’t want to be at home alone. It’s boring.

We knew that most people couldn’t bring their pet(s) to work, so Miss Dolito had an advice: she told the lady to turn the TV on so that A-Fu could watch. In fact, all the pets in Miss Dolito’s house loved watching TV, they even imitated the dramas and commercials to get rid of boredom.

The lady nodded to Miss Dolito’s advice, while suddenly A-Fu changed topics, “Take me to visit that dog. He’s poor. I want to visit him.

The lady told us, one of her friend’s dog got sick last week. She paid the dog a visit with A-Fu. She didn’t think that A-Fu would be this concerned. That dog would definitely be happy if he knew this. We hoped him could get better soon.

A-Fu said to her, “I’m happy. Thank you for raising me.

The lady thanked him back for being there and bringing her so many good memories. The conversation between them was really heart-warming, wasn’t it?

Mar 27, 2013


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