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pets talk: Live Our Own Life

on February 17, 2014

Lots of my friends talk about their relationship, asking for advice, but only few of them will listen. I always think it’s weird that some people choose not to break up even if there’s a third party or violence involved. But, indeed, love can be one of the hardest thing to understand or to explain. The story I’m gonna share today can be seen as an example, I think. Not that I love to talk about broken relationship of others, but I like how the pet comforts the owner because that ‘s exactly what I’d say to my friends.

Babe the Chihuahua, wore a sad face when she was brought to visit Miss Dolito. And it was clearly not just her problem because the owner’s face looked even sadder.

As soon as the consultation began, Babe said to her owner, “There’s no use quarreling with Dad. Just stop. You’re always quarreling; it drives me mad!”

The girl’s eyes turned red. She said she didn’t want to, but her boyfriend wouldn’t end the relationship with the other girl.

Babe said, “If you can’t live without him, then accept it. But if you can’t pretend everything is okay, you should leave him now, or you’ll just keep suffering.”

The girl didn’t nod. She just sat there crying. We didn’t think she could get past it soon. Nor did Babe.

She watched her owner’s crying face, comforting, “I’ll be there for you. We should live our own life.”

Babe really thought it’d be better for the girl to break up with her boyfriend. She might be sad and lonely at first, but she’d get better in time. It beat fighting and crying every day anyway. We hope the girl could think it through after hearing Babe’s words!

Jun 01, 2013


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