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pets talk: Not My Problem

on February 12, 2014

One of my friends reminded me that I still have a lot of pet stories to share; Miss Dolito started the pet consultation five years ago after all. So I think it’s better to share some old stories sometimes.


His name is Niu-Niu, and he actually had his appearance on this blog before, only that he didn’t talk at that time. If you read this article, you’ll see his pictures in the last part. And you can only see his whole face in the older article, because when his owner brought him to Miss Dolito for the second time, he wasn’t very happy.

Besides his owner, there were other two people; one was the owner’s son, the other might be his new girlfriend, we didn’t know for sure and we didn’t ask either. They were all looking forward to Niu-Niu’s speech, but Niu-Niu apparently didn’t want to talk.

After his owner tried very hard to get him started, he said to the girl, “I have nothing to do with you!”


It seemed that Niu-Niu was brought to the girl’s home and lived with her family. Sadly, he didn’t seem to enjoy the new environment. He said, “I’m pissed.”

The girl didn’t say what happened when Niu-Niu was at her home. Niu-Niu went on, “I don’t want to be there anymore. They’re assholes!” Now that sounded a bit serious, even though we didn’t know whet happened, but we all knew how unhappy he was.

The son promised that the girl’s family didn’t do bad things to Niu-Niu. He even said that they all liked him. But these words kinda made Niu-Niu more angry. He said, “It’s not my problem, okay? Anyway, I don’t want to live with them!”

The owner and her son felt a little awkward, not to mention the girl who sat between them.

Niu-Niu stared at them for a second then turned, “I’m done talking. I’m finished.”


We sill don’t know what happened, but we hope it’s not something that would leave a scar in Niu-Niu’s memory. The owner later told us that they had brought Niu-Niu back home so that he could be happy again. I’m really glad they listened to Niu-Niu’s feelings and respected him!

Nov 04, 2012


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